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Terms and Conditions

The ideology of Whisskers’s is to deal with its clients in a very professional and favourable manner. While collaborating with Whisskers, the clients are agreeing to comply and shall be bounded with the terms and conditions which are mentioned below:


Unless otherwise expressed, all holding rights within the web site and material on the website area unit closely-held by Whisskers’s and area unit protected by laws of holding and copyright protection.This material includes, however isn't restricted to the emblem, the design, layout, look, look and graphics, alternative info, data, text, messages, software, sound, music, video, pictures, graphics, images, and tags (“Content”). The Content is protected by applicable holding and alternative laws, as well as patent, trademark, and copyright laws. All Content and every one holding within the Content belongs to and is that the property of Whisskers’s or its licensors (if any).Apart from this, copying the data is strictly prohibited.

Please bear the following points in mind:

  1. You must not redistribute the material from this website.
  2. Selling, renting or sub-licensing is prohibited.
  3. You are restricted from reproducing, duplicacy, copying and exploiting the data material from the website.
  4. Material except those which are created for distribution (like Newsletter, e-brochure) are not supposed to be distributed.
  5. Use of this service in any manner which could possibly exploit, damage, disable the Whisskers’s website and the content material for this website is prohibited and must not interfere with any other organization’s use.


Bear in mind that the use of any information or material on Whisskers’s platform is at your own risk for which we are not liable. It is solely your responsibility to make sure that you find those material and information which suffice your requirements. The services and materials are subject to change or update without any prior notice and you have the authority to leave some or all the services.

While registration, you must provide Whisskers your personal information such as Name, valid personal email address and other information (if required). By registering, you will be acknowledging the agreement of Whisskers’s Policy.